about us

Dedicated to promoting and preserving ideals of the United States Marine Corps, membership is open to all present and veteran Marines and Navy corpsmen that were attached to an FMF unit. Also non Marines may join as an associate member.  Is not just a saying.  It is the creed of thousands of men and women who honorably served our Corps and our Country.

Come look us over.  There is no obligation to join.  Should you decide to, you will be associating again with the greatest band of Brothers and Sisters in the world.  Once again, continue to be one of 





sentinel, tomb of unknown soldier, guard

Extraordinary Experiences

soldier, dog, companion

Our Core Values


It cannot be inherited

Nor can it be purchased.

You and no one alive

Can buy it for any price.

It is impossible to rent

And it cannot be lent.

You alone and on your own

Have earned it

With your sweat, blood and lives.